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About Us

Yara Saffron was established in 1394, with the cooperation and consensus of two old friends with the aim of producing, processing and packaging saffron, in Qaen city. In this way, we realized our idea. Since saffron cultivation has been our family and ancestral profession, the idea that formed in our minds was for the new generation to continue the path of the previous generations in a more coherent and broader way. Accordingly, our main goal in Yara Saffron Company has been and is to maintain and promote the worthy position of saffron – which is the only gift of our ancestors – in the Iranian market and global markets, in continuation of the family mission.

At Yara Saffron Company, by continuing our committed activity, we first gained a reputation in Ghayenat city as a quality producer. Then, gradually, as a supplier and business partner of Iranian export companies, we expanded our activities.

In order to achieve this goal, we have succeeded in launching the most up-to-date specialized saffron laboratory to offer our products to our customers with a quality higher than international standards, and as a result, to satisfy our customers.

Presently, we at Yara Saffron Company are working with customers in 20 countries around the world — customers who are satisfied with the quality of our products.

At Yara Saffron Company, we are proud of our successful business by combining the knowledge of our previous generations (traditional knowledge) and modern world knowledge (modern knowledge) and having the most accurate and comprehensive quality management systems, and we assure you that as a trusted and committed business partner, we will always be by your side.



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