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Knowing more about the red gold

Saffron is a plant with purple petals and red stigma that has a wonderful scent and taste. How much do you know about this sweet-smelling plant?

 Saffron grows through its onion. This special and valuable spice is added to any food or drink, giving it a unique taste and golden color.

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Everything about the Iranian saffron

 Iran is the largest producer of saffron in the world. With a brief look at the geography of saffron cultivation, you will realize that in Iran, Khorasan Razavi province has the highest amount of saffron production. Some things could affect saffron harvest and this will also affect the price of saffron in bulk.

Keep the red gold safe

Storing saffron in the open air not only pollutes it but also has a negative effect on its aroma and taste. Saffron should be stored dried or frozen. Also, saffron storage should be very clean and away from insects or rodents. And the lid of the box containing the saffron should be tightly closed.

Several important factors in the purity of saffron

There is no doubt that Iranian saffron is the highest quality saffron in the world, but the point that should not be underrated is that the fresher the saffron, the better it is. Saffron should not be mixed with additives and the taste of saffron in the mouth, unlike its aroma, should not be sweet. Saffron actually has an astringent taste that is a bit bitter. Also, pure saffron strings have a clear and high-quality appearance, and the tangled and broken saffron strings are not a good sign.

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saffron is one of the valuable products of our country. Suppose you are going to buy saffron in bulk. In that case, you should know that saffron in Ghaen city is better than saffron in other regions, and the “Yara Saffron” team is ready to offer you the best quality saffron in different packages and weights. Our team in Mashhad also supports the online and in-person purchases of saffron in bulk or any other amount.

The small packaging of saffron has its positive points, but on the other hand, buying bulk saffron has also positive aspects, and in this article, we will inform you about the price of bulk saffron in Mashhad and Iran. You can find out the prices by visiting the “Saffron Price” page on the website.

Wholesale saffron is sold according to customer needs. Major saffron buyers can contact the Yara Saffron team. The price of bulk saffron is better compared to the saffron in small packages and smaller quantities.

Minimum and maximum price of saffron

The most important factor determining the price of saffron in Rials and dollars is its type and its degree of quality. Fluctuations in currency and dollar prices are also effective in determining the dollar price. Buying and selling saffron requires high experience and great attention. By purchasing bulk saffron from “Yara Saffron”, you can receive first-hand saffron without intermediaries and in the shortest possible time.

Export organizations and restaurants and food preparation. Shops and sales centers; Pastries and pastries can be among the potential customers of saffron in bulk.

last words

The saffron market in Iran, despite its long history, is still facing challenges from profiteers and those who intend to sell made-up saffron due to its profits; So it is better for the consumer to take the minimum risk in this field by buying from reputable brands. “Yara Saffron” with several years of experience in the field of buying and selling saffron in bulk or retail can be a reliable store for buyers of original and high-quality saffron.

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