How to order Yara Saffron products

Price list of productions:

please refer to our website ( in order to be informed about the cost of products.

Receive pre_invoice:

for receiving pre_invoice ,please select your products and consider type and specification then send us details via email and WhatsApp. You can contact us at 9 A.M to 9P.M through the phone numbers. Our colleagues also reply you 24 hours.

Validity of price:

as Rial and Saffron cost are always fluctuating, all pre_invoices and price list of products are valid for a day.

Moreover, if the amount of your order is high, we will extend the price validity for 3 days.

Free sample:

in order to gain the trust of our clients, we can send you 4 grams free sample of (Yara Saffron ) if you demand. Please send us your request via email and WhatsApp.


this department includes customer packing and private label. Yara saffron company provides productions in different weight and various packages (retail and wholesale ). Furthermore, if you order 900 packages per month, the company will stick your private label or brand .

Analyse of Saffron:

Yara saffron  institution has an advanced and well equipped laboratory which confirmed by National Standard Organization of Iran. All of our items are tested and analysed in this specialized laboratory. If  customers require the analysed certification, the company will issue and give to clients.

The amount of order:

your order should be one kilo bulk Saffron or 900 pack of Saffron with each weight.

Payment methods:

clients must pay the total amount of the order less than 10 kilo in advance. About bulk orders, they also must pay 70 percent of the total amount in advance and the rest after sending the export documents.

The export documents:

the export documents contain bill of lading, factor, packing list ,health certificate and certification of origin.

Sending methods:

Yara Saffron products are transported by plane, ship, truck and ,…

Delivery time:

as soon as the consumers payment is confirmed, products will be delivered approximately for 6 to 11 days.


Yara Saffron company has a National Standard Iran license with serial number 6887942001 and also has a certification from Food and Medicine Administration with serial number  20/1109_1

Exclusive agent:

Yara Saffron company provides an opportunity for applicants who tend to sale exclusively. Please send us your request through email and WhatsApp.


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