Saffron bunch

Saffron bunch:

Saffron bunch, also called whole-grain saffron, is the mother of saffron because it contains the whole branch of saffron. This type of saffron, which is the main type of saffron in Iran, includes stigmas and white.  These whole branches of saffron, which are taken from the stem, are put together in large numbers and packed in bunches. In this way, a beautiful shape and coloring  of saffron is created by branch of saffron!  White thread is used to wrap the branches because the chemical color of the chromatic threads is not transferred to the saffron strands.  Of course, in some places, the strings are not tied with threads — this type is called open-bunch saffron.


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Analyze of Saffron bunch:

The main characteristics of saffron are:

  • Stigmas are highly curled.

 There are a lot of white at the end of the stigmas.

  • Its consistency of red is from 120 to 150 units.
  • Its humidity is more than 4%.
  • It is coloring and bright.
  • The bitterness of the taste is more than 20%.
  • Its scent is more than 85%.
  • it contains no artificial coloring.
Analyze of Saffron bunch

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