Saffron powder

Saffron powder:

Saffron powder or powdered saffron is a saffron which is obtained by pulverizing pure saffron under a sieve.  Although the amount of coloring of saffron powder is very low and insignificant, but it has many properties because it is the result of saffron powder and grinding.  As you can see in the picture, saffron powder has a nice and beautiful appearance.  Consumption of saffron powder in nutrition and treatment is significant.

Analyze of Saffron powder:

The main properties of saffron powder are:

  • Broken stigmas are completely separate.
  • Its consistency of red is more than 110 units.
  • Its humidity is more than 4%.
  • It has good coloring.
  • The bitterness of the taste is more than 20%.
  • Its scent is more than 85%.
  • it contains no artificial coloring.
Analyze of Saffron powder:

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