Style of saffron

Style of saffron:

The root or whiteness of saffron, also called the saffron cream and white, is the yellowish-white part located at the end of the stigma — as you can see in the picture.  Therefore, the root does not mean the part of saffron which is in the soil.  Saffron root contains all the properties of saffron — but with a lower percentage.  Its coloring power is low but it has a lot of scent. Saffron root is used in beverages — especially tea and herbal tea — and various foods.

Since saffron root is rich in minerals and vitamins, it is also used in various industries such as cosmetics, sanitary and pharmaceutical.

The main characteristics of saffron root are:

  • Lacks coloring.
  • It has a yellowish white color.
  • it contains no artificial coloring.

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