Types of packaging in Yara saffron

The saffron, like the other types of foods, needs packaging to have an elegant and encouraging appearance to buy; It also has a role to protect the saffron from damage in the transportation process until it reaches the customer at the destination.

Yara Saffron, by having different types of the saffron packaging boxes, can offer you different quantities of your purchase in containers with different materials, models and sizes.

Light and low-priced packaging, or stylish and more expensive packaging, each have their advantages. For example, in the process of exporting the saffron, it may be better to pay special attention to the strong point of the saffron containers; Especially if the exportation of the product and the transportation route is by ship and the sea, sunlight and humidity should not harm the quality of the saffron.

Yara Saffron can also supply the saffron you need in metal containers, which is very suitable for a delicate product such as saffron. One of the attractive options for the saffron, whether for exportation or as a gift, is metal containers with Khatam details. These detailed patterns on the boxes comes from Iranian arts and so they are attractive to both Iranians and the other people of the world. These boxes are both beautiful and prevent damage or contamination to the saffron.

In "Yara Saffron", both the saffron that is to be sold in bulk and the saffron retail store have various and diverse packages with different sizes.

  • Bulk packaging
  • Retail packaging


Size of saffron packages in wholesale:

  • 50 grams
  • 100 grams
  • 250 g
  • 500 g
  • 1 kg

The main saffron packages are all made of iron pieces, which, as said, are not only strong, but also shaped and will be sent to the destination without damage.

The description of the retail packages is as follows:

  • Half a gram
  • One gram
  • Two grams
  • Three grams
  • Four grams
  • Half weight
  • Five grams

Tips for using glass containers to pack the saffron

The use of the glass containers for the saffron has always been greeted. If the materials used in the packaging are high quality glass, this can play an important role in keeping the color and smell of saffron and the value of the product. The inside of the glass containers is easily visible and as a consequence, the customer can see the appearance and quality of the saffron; But it should be noted that glass is not as long-lasting as metal. The so-called crystal containers, which are actually made of "polystyrene", are also a good option for packing the saffron.

choosing an envelope for packing the saffron

Choosing different types of bags for the saffron has advantages and disadvantages that we will discuss about it in this article. The first point is that this type of saffron packaging is not suitable for sending to the distant routes or foreign countries because they are neither resistant to impression nor to wetness; But at the same time, they are light and can be easily made in different sizes. This packaging model can be suitable for retail items and delivery to nearby destinations.

Final point

Due to the fact that the packages in Yara saffron have different types and sizes; You can be sure that if you choose any of them, your purchase will be well-preserved against sunlit and moisture, both of which are harmful to the saffron; and will reach their destination safe.


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