Negin Saffron
Negin saffron is the best type saffron, and its dazzling from beauty and pretty color among other types of saffron. The branches of Negin saffron stigmas are large, smooth, regular and without any fractures. The larger stigmas, the more expensive it gets. Negin saffron stigmas do not stick together and do not have white(roots). Apart from its unique medicinal properties, Negin saffron is used as an extraordinary flavoring and coloring for various beverages and foods.
Sargol Saffron
The Sargol part of the saffron (the upper part of the stigma), which is also called superior saffron, has smaller stigmas than Negin saffron stigmas. Its stigmas are sperate, smooth, regular and lack white. The redness of Sargol saffron is equal to Negin saffron. It is a good choice for home consumption because it is reasonably priced and affordable.
Pushal saffron
Pushal saffron contains a stigma and a part of white --- one to three millimeters ---. Although, like saffron, it has a very good color and scent, but its price is cheaper, and this has made Pushal saffron a popular saffron. Another advantage of Pushal saffron can be mentioned as follows: Due to the presence of a part of white, Pushal saffron contains the amazing properties of a whole branch of saffron
Bunch Saffron
Saffron bunch, also called whole-grain saffron, is the mother of saffron because it contains the whole branch of saffron. This type of saffron, which is the main type of saffron in Iran, includes stigmas and white. These whole branches of saffron, which are taken from the stem, are put together in large numbers and packed in bunches. Despite the amazing remedial properties of saffron, the price of this type of saffron is cheaper than previous types.
Powderd saffron
Saffron powder, which is another type of saffron, is obtained by pulverizing pure saffron under a sieve. Considering that the consistency of color is lower in saffron powder, still it has many properties. Consumption of powdered saffron in nutrition and treatment is considerable.
Style saffron
The root or white part of saffron, also called saffron cream and white, it’s the white part located at the end of the stigma. Saffron root contains all the properties of saffron --- but with a lower percentage. Its coloring power is low but it has a lot of scent. Saffron root is cheaper than the above and is used in beverages --- especially tea and drink --- and various foods.
“POFAKI barberry” has the best quality compared to other types of barberry. The difference between this barberry and other types is in the way they are dried. POFAKI barberry dries indoors in a few months without sunlight and as a result has a higher quality and higher price. If the colour and size of POFAKI barberry is closer to the fresh barberry; It is better. The good taste, beautiful appearance and various uses of this type of barberry are important in making it popular. #Yara_saffron Barberry packages are ready for you to buy. Barberry online sales and purchase, along with the traditional method of buying and selling, has entered the market. You can also register your order from @Yara_Saffron, you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality barberry.
Most of the barberries in Iran are the category of red barberries. there are two popular types of barberry that are processed differently. One of the ways to preserve this tasty and delicious food, which is also useful for lowering blood pressure, is to increase its usefulness by drying it. If the barberry dries in the sun, it loses its original puffiness and is called " DANEH ANARI barberry ". The quality and quantity you want to buy will determine the price of DANEH ANARI barberry. Barberry is used for cooking in Iranian cuisine and is also used for preparation of desserts.

About Us

Yara Saffron was established in 1394, with the cooperation and consensus of two old friends with the aim of producing, processing and packaging saffron, in Qaen city.  In this way, we realized our idea.  Since saffron cultivation has been our family and ancestral profession, the idea that formed in our minds was for the new generation to continue the path of the previous generations in a more coherent and broader way.  Accordingly, our main goal in Yara Saffron Company has been and is to maintain and promote the worthy position of saffron – which is the only gift of our ancestors – in the Iranian market and global markets, in continuation of the family mission.

At Yara Saffron Company, by continuing our committed activity, we first gained a reputation in Ghayenat city as a quality producer.  Then, gradually, as a supplier and business partner of Iranian export companies, we expanded our activities.

In order to achieve this goal, we have succeeded in launching the most up-to-date specialized saffron laboratory to offer our products to our customers with a quality higher than international standards, and as a result, to satisfy our customers.

Presently, we at Yara Saffron Company are working with customers in 20 countries around the world — customers who are satisfied with the quality of our products.

At Yara Saffron Company, we are proud of our successful business by combining the knowledge of our previous generations (traditional knowledge) and modern world knowledge (modern knowledge) and having the most accurate and comprehensive quality management systems, and we assure you that as a trusted and committed business partner, we will always be by your side.


Why should you choose Yara as your business partner?

We were born as farmers and saffron producers in the source and origin of saffron in the world . — not saffron brokers.

Given the fact that the cultivation and production of saffron has been our family profession for several generations, we seek to provide complete and distinctive services to our customers. Therefore, our goal is to provide you with high quality Iranian saffron — without intermediaries — By eliminating the intermediation of saffron, we want to give you more beneficial and pleasant experience of good shopping, which is the same as buying without intermediaries.

By possessing the valuable experiences of our ancestors and by applying the latest knowledge in the world, we have succeeded in setting up the most up-to-date specialized saffron laboratory so that we can provide all your needs and present the highest quality products — products with higher quality than standards global — to you. Beside that, we were and we still seek to create a competitive price in addition to paying attention to the quality of our products.

In the packaging part of Yara Saffron Company, by having the best required Equipment, we can prepare various packages of saffron in the desired weights and provide them to you according to your needs and with your own brand.

We are proud that Yara Saffron Company has succeeded in obtaining various certificates – including the national standard mark from the Standard Organization of Iran and the approval mark of the Food and Drug organization of our dear country.

Since we are a forerunner in the field of cultivation, production and supply of saffron, we can provide you with the saffron you need in large volumes and quantities. Just tell us how much saffron you need;  We easily provide the saffron you need from Iranian farmers.

We enjoyment the necessary facilities, we can do your orders and send saffron to any place in the world you want, based on your request.


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