The place of the saffron in the world

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You may be interested to know the place of saffron in the world, this precious spice is unique among other flavors and is also popular among the people of Spain. Saffron was also used in ancient Rome and Greece to dye clothes and was a symbol of people’s well-being and hope.

 Harvest season means picking the saffron flowers from mid to late autumn, and because saffron flowers must be picked by hand; This is a difficult stage for the saffron farmers.

Saffron with the scientific name of “Crocus Sativus”, belongs to the lily family. The red stigmas of saffron should be dried and drenched. This plant can grow up to 30 cm from the root onwards. It has 6 petals that protect the stigmas. These delicate stigmas are between 2.5 and 4.5 cm, which are actually saffron and must be separated from the petals and dried. The beautiful purple saffron fields in South Khorasan in Iran are the starting point of this difficult trade. Machine harvesting is not suitable for delicate saffron flowers and this must be done by hand. The saffron should not have any impurities.

To have about one kilo of saffron, 250,000 saffron flowers must be cleaned; So it is not surprising that the price of this spice is expensive. Because harvesting and preparing saffron is a heavy task that requires the cooperation of a team.

Also, we should know that saffron is widely produced in China and Spain these days. The best saffron in Spain is grown in an area called “Castilla La Mancha”, which in some texts and websites is referred to as the “Land of Donkishot”.

The region hosts the “Festival de la Rosa del Azafrán” in late October. Even in Spain in Madridejos (Toledo), there is a museum dedicated to saffron. Meanwhile, Spain has been the second-largest exporter of saffron in the world, after our country Iran. Demand for this unique spice has been growing throughout Europe and the United States over the years.

Saffron is the magical taste of every food

Spanish food is beautiful, varied, and influenced by the different cultures of the region. In the distant past, “saffron” was brought to Spain from Asia and is still one of the main elements of Spanish cuisine.

  Spanish “Paella” is one of the Spanish dishes in which saffron is definitely used. The food uses of saffron have long been known in regions such as Asia and the Mediterranean, and step by step became known to all the world and became popular.

the place of saffron in medicinal goods

Everyone knows that saffron is a perfect flavor, but the taste and aroma are not the only favorite goods of saffron fans. This spice is very useful for the health. Saffron helps digestion, and is good for the heart, liver, and intestines; It also contains antioxidants and lowers harmful cholesterol. However, like any other food, it is not acceptable to go beyond balance in consuming saffron; And it may trouble your stomach or cause headache.

The saffron should be stored in a cool, dry place. To maximize the flavor of saffron, you can brew saffron and then mix it with your food.

The place of saffron in India

Although turmeric is the number one favorite spice of the Indian people, saffron is also cultivated and popular in the Indian climate and geography. People in some parts of the country are engaged in the saffron trade because the hot and dry regions of India are suitable for growing saffron. Indians have a special concentration on cooking and foods, and the saffron and other spices that make food more delicious are not an exception to this rule.

Saffron in Morocco

Morocco is also one of the climates in which the saffron has been cultivated and harvested for many years, and the export and import of saffron in this country also have a good market.

Customs laws and airports in the country regarding nuts and saffron

The customs rules for goods accompanying passengers when leaving the country have many details. In this article, we only mention the section on nuts and in fact saffron, and that is that the departure of nuts with passengers is not forbidden if it is not commercial, but in fact, the airport rules of the destination country must also be checked. But every traveler has the right to take the allowed amount of 100 grams of saffron with him for each passport when leaving Iran.

Concluding remarks about the place of saffron in the world

The global saffron market has never lost its success. Saffron is a way for farmers and locals to make a living, and for people in business, it is a source of income. For the people, especially the chefs of saffron-free lands, it is a fascinating magic flavor that flourishes the food, their plates, and their restaurant tables.

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